Most Recent Meeting

Los Altos, 28 October – 1 November, 2019
Host: Natarajan Shankar




  • Jay Misra was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, for “contributions to the theory and practice of software verification of concurrent systems” (Feb 2018)
  • Jay Misra was awarded (jointly with Mani Chandy) the IEEE Harry H. Goode Memorial Awards for 2017, “on the basis of achievements in the information processing field which are considered either a single contribution of theory, design, or technique of outstanding significance, or the accumulation of important contributions on theory or practice over an extended time period, the total of which represent an outstanding contribution”
  • Pamela Zave was awarded the IEEE Harland D. Mills Award for 2017, for “groundbreaking use of formal methods in the development of telecommunication software and for enduring contributions to software engineering theory”
  • Daniel Jackson and Rustan Leino were selected as ACM Fellows for 2016
  • Cliff Jones was awarded the First FME Fellowship, “in recognition of technical achievements in advancing, applying, and promoting formal methods” (2015)
  • William Cook received the 2014 Senior Dahl-Nygaard Prize
  • Rajeev Joshi received the 2014 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal
  • Jay Misra received the 2014 IIT Kanpur Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Greg Nelson received the Herbrand Award for 2013
  • Shriram Krishnamurthi won the SIGPLAN 2012 Robin Milner Young Researcher Award
  • Rustan Leino and Greg Nelson were co-authors on the ESC/Java paper that won the 2012 Most Influential PLDI paper award
  • Tony Hoare received the IEEE Von Neumann medal, 2011.
  • Rustan Leino received the IFIP Silver Core award, 2010
  • Bertrand Meyer received the 2010 IEEE Computer Society Harlan Mills Award
  • N. Shankar promoted to SRI Fellow. [2010]
  • Pamela Zave promoted to AT&T Fellow, “for groundbreaking use of formal methods in AT&T’s telecommunications and IP services and for enduring contributions to software theory.” [2009]
  • Bertrand Meyer elected IFIP Technical Committee 2 chair  [April 2009]
  • Manfred Broy receives the Konrad Zuse Medal in 2007 from the German Informatics Society
  • Bertrand Meyer won the ACM Software System Award for 2006 for the development of the Eiffel.  With this award, ACM honors “an institution or individual(s) recognized for developing a software system that has had a lasting influence”, see the ACM Awards Program. Here is the ACM press release [March 2007]