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#55 Winter Park, Florida

Where:  Winter Park, FL, USA

When:  19-23 May 2014

Host:  Gary Leavens

Location:   Alfond Inn Hotel


  • Jay Misra, A denotational semantic theory of concurrent systems [slides]
  • Pamela Zave
  • Shriram Krishnamurthi, Tierless Programming and Reasoning for Software-Defined Networks, [slides]
  • Andreas Podelski, Blackbox Testing of a System and Verification of a Blackbox Model
  • Rajeev Joshi, Mars Anomalies
  • Andrew Myers, Toward compositional security and consistency, [slides]
  • Rustan Leino, Predicates that do more
  • Azadeh Farzan, Verification of Programs under uncertainty
  • Michael Jackson, System Behaviors and Requirements: a pre-formal view [slides]
  • Michael Butler, Model-based reasoning meets code verification [slides]
  • Manfred Broy, Rethinking Functional Requirements: Novel Approaches to Categorizing Requirements [slides]
  • William Cook, Some Controversial Thoughts, [slides]
  • Xinyu Feng, Program Logic for Concurrency Refinement Verification, [slides]
  • Daniel Jackson, Concepts in software design, [slides]
  • Willem Visser, Model Counting: A Quest for Nails 2, [slides]
  • Xinyu Feng, An example demonstrating the ABA problem, [slides]
  • Perdita Stevens, Bidirectionally tolerating inconsistency: partial transformations, [slides]
  • Gary Leavens, A Bipartite Graph Model of Information Flow, [slides]
  • Rajeev Joshi, Mars Anomalies, part 2


  • Michael Butler
  • Manfred Broy
  • William Cook
  • Azadeh Farzan (observer)
  • Xinyu Feng (observer)
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Rajeev Joshi
  • Shriram Krishnamurthy
  • Gary Leavens
  • Andrew Myers (observer)
  • Rustan Leino
  • Jayadev Misra
  • Andreas Podelski
  • Perdita Stevens (observer)
  • Willem Visser (observer)
  • Pamela Zave