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#57 Pasadena


Where:  Pasadena, California, USA

When: 11-15 January, 2016

Host:  Rajeev Joshi

Location: Pasadena Sheraton Hotel


N. Shankar, Architecture and Assurance for Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems

Rustan Leino, Extreme predicates beyond continuity

Jay Misra, Bilateral Proofs of Concurrent Programs

Cormac Flanagan, RedCard: Redundant Check Elimination for Dynamic Race Detectors

Azadeh Farzan, On Atomicity In Presence of Non-atomic Writes

Manfred Broy, Modeling Software and System Reliability.  From Program to System Correctness

Emina Torlak, Optimizing synthesis with metasketches

Gerwin Klein, Proof Engineering

Ian Hayes, Structuring Specifications with Time Bands Using Layers of Rely-Guarantee Conditions

Klaus Havelund, Model-driven engineering meets formal methods and programming

Michael Butler, Decomposition of state machine diagrams

Jim Woodcock

Mark Utting, A Weakest-Precondition Semantics for Whiley

N. Shankar, A Formal Model of Reference Counting

Andreas Podelski, A hierarchy of thread-modular proofs for concurrent programs (Less thread modularity is more)

Rustan Leino, Extreme predicates beyond continuity, part 2

Andreas Podelski, From requirements to a test model

Michael Butler, Decomposition of state machine diagrams Part 2


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