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#58 Villebrumier, France


Where: Château de Villebrumier, France

When: 3-7 October, 2016

Host:  Bertrand Meyer


3 Oct

Pamela Zave, My Last Talk on Chord
June Andronick, Reasoning about Concurrency in OS code
Carroll Morgan, An Owicki-Gries style for program-controlled interleaving
Philippa Gardner
Rajeev Joshi, Software Lessons from Curiosity
Bart Jacobs, Modular Termination Verification
David Pearce, Whiley: a Platform for Research in Software Verification

4 Oct

Andrew Butterfield, A UTP Theory of Shared Variable Concurrency
Patrick Cousot, Semantics and invariance proof method for weakly consistent parallelism
Alex Summers, Quantified Permissions: Verification for point-wise specifications
Bertrand Meyer, The truth about class invariants: there is a sanity clause
Ian Hayes, Synchronous concurrent refinement algebra and justness
Philippe Suter, OpenWhisk: Overview and research directions
Ralph Back, eMath: From Calculational Style to Digital Math Education
Sophia Drossopoulou, Towards Reasoning with code of unknown provenance -or- What are object capabilities for?

5 Oct

Annabelle McIver
Thomas Wies, Improving Type Error Localization
Andreas Podelski, Active Verification Algorithms
Afternoon Excursion

6 Oct

Azadeh Farzan, Synthesizing Parallelism
Gerwin Klein, A Language Approach to Systems Code Verification
Michael Butler, Deriving sequential programs from Event-B models: Combining programs and data refinement
Radu Grigore, How to specify temporal properties for weak memory
Rustan Leino, Certified intermediate verification language
Members’ meeting

7 Oct

Natarajan Shankar, Adventures in Code Generation
Cliff Jones, Expressiveness of notations for concurrency: reconsidering some prejudices!
Bertrand Meyer
Sophia Drossopoulou