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#61 York, England


Location: York, England
Dates: 4-8 February, 2019
Host: Jim Woodcock


  • Introductions
  • Jim Woodcock, Probabilistic Semantics for RoboChart
  • Michael Jackson, How To Program If You Cannot
  • Azadeh Farzan, Parallel Program Synthesis
  • Brian Randell, CLUE & SONs
  • David Pearce, A Lightweight Calculus for Lifetimes and Borrowing in Rust
  • Tony Hoare, Algebra, Logic, Geometry:
at the Foundation of CS
  • Ruzica Piskac, Synthesis beyond the Bools
  • Graeme Smith, Data-dependent security on weak memory models
  • Thomas Wies, Data Flow Refinement Type Inference
  • Peter Hoefner, Justness: when progress is too weak and fairness it too strong
  • Alberto Griggio, Fault-tree niceness: Explicit/Symbolic verification of cooperative multithreaded programs with IC3
  • Brijesh Dongol, Towards Owicki-Gries Reasoning for C11
  • Leo Freitas, Formal development of a payment protocol
  • Simon Foster, Computer-Aided Assurance for Autonomous Robots using Integrated Formal
    Methods with Mechanised Semantics
  • Michael Butler, Real-time deadlines and delays in Event-B
  • Alvaro Miyazawa, RoboChart & RoboSim: Modelling Robots and Collections
  • Pedro Ribeiro, Priorities in tock-CSP

Other attendees
Jay Misra
Cliff Jones