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#51 Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Where: Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
When:  17-21 January 2011
Host:  Bertrand Meyer

Topics of discussion

  • Probabilistic Inference with PCEN. Shankar, Sam Owre, and Shalini Ghosh [slides]
  • Building a verifiable data management system, Rajeev Joshi, joint work with Gererd Holzmann, Alex Groce, Ben Cichy, Steve Scandore, David Smyth
  • Freedom Before Commitment: Simple Flexible Initialization for Non-Null Types, Peter Müller, joint work with Alexander Summers.
  • Arguing that it works, Daniel Jackson
  • Mining Specifications, Andreas Zeller [slides]
  • Trace abstraction, Andreas Podelski
  • Prophecies and new frontiers, Byron Cook
  • Structures for understanding and designing control systems, Michael Butler [slides]
  • Verification for control (and vice versa), Rupak Majumdar
  • Verification as a matter of course, Bertrand Meyer
  • The architecture of mobility, Pamela Zave, joint work with Jennifer Rexford
  • Analyzing Interactions of Asynchronously Communicating Systems, Tevfik Bultan, joint work with Xiang Fu, Jianwen Su, Zachary Stengel, and Samik Basu [slides]
  • Planning-based unit testing of concurrent programs, Sebastian Nanz, joint work with Scott West and Bertrand Meyer
  • Formal Methods in Mathematics Education, Ralph-Johan Back [slides]
  • Refinement, reusable libraries, instantiable classes, K. Rustan M. Leino, joint work with Kuat Yessenov [slides]
  • VSTTE Verification Competition, the alpha-versionPeter Müller and Shankar
  • On the design of error messages aimed at novice programmers, Guillaume Marceau, Kathi Fisler, Shriram Krishnamurthi
  • The Facebook generation: 1st-year CS students, Bertrand Meyer
  • Denali-2: A practical method for automatically generating optimal code, Rajeev Joshi, Greg Nelson, Yunghung Zhou


  • Ralph Back
  • Tevfik Bultan (local observer)
  • Michael Butler (vice chair)
  • Byron Cook (observer)
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Rajeev Joshi
  • Shriram Krishnamurthi
  • Rustan Leino (secretary)
  • Rupak Majumdar (observer)
  • Bertrand Meyer (host)
  • Peter Müller
  • Sebastian Nanz (local observer)
  • Greg Nelson
  • Andreas Podelski (observer)
  • N. Shankar
  • Emmanuel Stapf (local observer)
  • Pamela Zave (chair)
  • Andreas Zeller (observer)