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#54 St. Petersburg, Russia

Where:  Saint Petersburg, Russia

When:  3-7 June 2013

Host:  Bertrand Meyer



  • Tony Hoare, Algebraic Laws and Programming
  • Wen Su, Jean-Raymond Abrial, Formalizing Hybrid Systems with Event-B
  • Rustan Leino, More co-induction
  • Ralph Back, Structured derivation
  • Bertrand Meyer, AGILE! The good, the hype, and the ugly
  • Andreas Zeller, Search-Based System Testing
  • Michael Butler, (Towards) specification-based refinement patterns for abstract program structures
  • Perdita Stevens, Models in software engineering
  • James Noble, The need for capability policies (with Sophia Drossopoulou)
  • Irina Shoshmina, Verifying context requirements of embedded control systems (with Yuri Karpov)
  • Andreas Podelski, Proofs that count (with Azadeh Farzan and Zachary Kincaid)
  • Andrei Sabelfeld, Tracking information flow in web applications
  • Jayadev Misra, Orc Verification
  • Pamela Zave, Compositional network mobility (with Jennifer Rexford)
  • Emina Torlak, Growing Solver-Aided Languages with Rosette, (with Rastislav Bodik)
  • Alexander Kogtenkov and Sergey Velder (with Bertrand Meyer), Automatic frame inference: current achievements and future reserach
  • Serdar Tasiran, Generalizing QED for weak memory models (or: using new QED features to prove a ticket systems)
  • Gary Leavens, Supertype abstraction and behavioral subtyping (with David Naumann)
  • Cliff Jones, A transformational (!) view of rely/guarantee rules (with Ian Hayes and Rob Colvin)
  • Jean-Raymond Abrial, Hybrid Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations (with Wen Su)
  • Jean-Raymond Abrial, A construction of the Ticket System
  • Jay Misra, A different solution to the Ticket System problem
  • Rustan Leino, A Dafny solution to the Ticket System problem


  • Jean-Raymond Abrial
  • Ralph Back
  • Michael Butler
  • Tony Hoare
  • Cliff Jones
  • Yuri Karpov (local observer)
  • Alexander Kogtenkov (local observer)
  • Gary Leavens
  • Rustan Leino (acting secretary)
  • Jayadev Misra
  • James Noble (observer)
  • Andrei Sabelfeld (observer)
  • Nikolai Shilov (local observer)
  • Irina Shoshmina (local observer)
  • Perdita Stevens (observer)
  • Serdar Tasiran
  • Andrei Terekhov (local observer)
  • Emina Torlak (observer)
  • Sergey Velder (local observer)
  • Jim Woodcock
  • Pamela Zave (chair)
  • Andreas Zeller (observer)